Fresh Design Trends for your home in 2019, another real estate perspective from Ryan Rose at Keller Williams Realty Downtown, LLC.

Although home trends do not cycle as quickly as fashion trends they are related. You home does need to be on the cutting edge of design but below are a few strong trends to keep in mind when you think of a 2019 refresh.

Ryan Rose, Denver's Top Realtor

1-Floral Prints expressed fabrics and wall papers – this must be used carefully, this is a great way to bring in color and shape to a room but be careful not to over do it

Ryan Rose, Denver's Top Real Estate Agent

2-Rich jewel tones – use this color inspiration to create a strong pop of color

3-Out of trend- Cool Grey – the color shift is now trending towards whites and warm neutrals

Ryan Rose, Denvers Top Real Estate Agent

4-Bold Pattern Tile in back splashes and floors – be careful a little goes a long way

5-Sustainable & handmade – the goal is to fight the show room feel and embrace your individual spirt. Dig into etsy and pintrest to find those one of a kind items

6-BoHo with a twist – this can be tricky to pull off. At the core is self-expression by layering patterns, colors, and materials in a modern way. Don’t forget with a twist not the traditional BoHo style.

7-Acrylic Furniture – this trend has been building for years and references back to Hollywood Regency design aesthetics. You can still finds some great deals on vintage pieces at antique malls and eBay

8-Out – Copper & Rose Gold– this metal trend was slow to take off in Denver. The trend in 2019 is metals that are more natural looking

Ryan Rose, Denver's Best Realtor

9-Black & Bold bathrooms – this can pack a lot of impact but you must consider the size of the space. When done right this creates a luxurious room.

10-Out- accent walls – this trend was tricky for home owners to pick the right wall and the right color. Single color rooms are back. (Thank you!!)

Ryan Rose, Denvers Best Real Estate Agent

11-Light color flooring is making a come back – lighter floors create the light airy feel current home owners are craving.

12-Out- Cherry cabinets – painted kitchen cabinets in a range of colors are a strong trend imagine black, blues, and grey

13- Tassels and fringe – adding this texture moderation with a pop of color adds an unexpected sense of fun to a window, pillow or chair

Ryan Rose, Denver Metro's Favorite Realtor

14-Counter tops – out with stark commercial style surfaces like white quartz and in with warmer, softer, darker colors

15-10% Color 90% White– This is a strong look and but is you choose the wrong fabrics can be a tough space to keep clean but if you choose the right room, the right fabrics this can create and invigorating / fresh space

This research has influenced from several sources coupled with personal experience as someone who is touring homes professionally all year long. This content is inspired from several sources including Elle Décor  these are some prominent trends for 2019.

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