What to Expect When You Are Selling

What to Expect When You Are Selling

The two most valuable things to do is (1) select an agent that not only understands you but also understands your specific market for your home and (2) plan for and account for all your expenses.

a. Before you put your house on the market

i.Painting – this is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to freshen up your home. Stay away from bold colors that might turn away buyers

ii.Wash all of your windows – inside and outside

iii.Fixups – finish up all incomplete DIY projects, clean your carpets, re-caulk your shower, replace the dripping faucet, ….

iv.Staging – you are moving so de-clutter now. Donate or sell what you are not taking with you. Consider renting a moving cube to clear out. Consider hiring a professional stager. If not tour a few homes that have been staged for inspiration.

v.Add decorative items to make your home inviting , modern and fresh. Consider a new door mat, fresh flowers, new plush towels in the bathroom

vi.Landscaping –have a professional tidy up the landscaping. Consider planting a few annuals to brighten the curb appeal.

vii.Have a pre-home inspection – it is better to find and repair health and safety issues now then rushing to get the work done 2 weeks prior to closing

viii.If you are moving out prior to putting your house on the market, don’t forget to account for paying for double utilities and double home owners insurance

b. At closing other expenses to plan for

i.Real estate commissions – this is split between the buying agent and the listing agent. This covers expenses such as marketing, photos, legal ….

ii. Other closing costs or credits to the buyer – you may have agreed to cover some of the buyers closing costs or other buyer credits

iii.Transfer tax

iv.Home warranty for the buyer

v.Capitol gains tax –consult with your accountant on this impact

vi.Moving costs.